Friday, August 28, 2009

131 days later....

So the last time we left off we were doing the shake diet...and that lasted (for me at least) about 17 days. I'm not going to was awful! I'm a picky eater anyway and the taste and smell of the shakes got to me every single time. I'm sure if I could have just downed the shakes I would have been fine, but I was basically starving myself and that was not doing any good to my body. I did however need to give credit to Casey because I did lose 17.4 pounds on the shake diet and that really just jumped started me to the low-carb diet that Casey started us on a couple of years ago. Since then I've lost just under 40 pounds!!! I did really well eating and exercising the entire month of May and June but once July 4th came around I was stuck in maintain mode. I didn't lose any weight but I wasn't gaining any either!

My birthday is in 24 days and I'm hoping to reach my goal of losing 50 pounds by then! I know I can do it if I really stick to the diet and workout like I was doing in May and June. I still crave sweets, but I think that's because I cheat too much on the weekends. I've really got to get that under control!

Check back in a couple of weeks and I'll post my pics of me at hopefully a 50 pound weight loss!

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